Understanding Your Bill

What's Owing and When

This section is the remittance slip. If paying by cheque, please detach from your bill and include with your payment.

Payment After Due Date

The amount due if payment not made prior to or by the "Due Date" indicated on the billing statement.

Due Date

The date by which the "Amount Now Due" is payable. If not paid by this date the amount due will be the Payment After Due Date.

Amount Now Due

The current month’s billing amount if payment made by the "Due Date"; it is the sum of the "Current Charges" and the GST.

Tap Number

Natural gas is provided to Rocky Gas Co-op Ltd. through various entry points within its franchise area.  The point of entry (Tap) is important to your billing statement as there are variations in heat value dependent on the source of the natural gas. These variations in heat value are compensated for on an individual tap basis.

Amount Paid

Entered by the customer – it is the amount that the customer is submitting as payment for the current statement.

Your Gas Consumption


The volume as expressed in thousands of cubic feet is calculated as the difference between the previous months meter reading (P. Read) and the reading from the month previous to the previous month (P.P. Read).

Metric Conversion

The conversion factor, expressed in decimal units, is used to convert the meter from "cubic feet" to a "billing factor".

Billing Factor

The result of multiplying the "volume" (cubic feet) by the metric conversion factor.

Heat Value

Heat content values.

GJ Consumption

The "GJ Consumption" is calculated from the "Volume" as expressed in "cubic feet" multiplied by the "metric conversion" factor multiplied by the "heat value".

Cost of Gas

Gas Usage

The cost of gas consumed during the billing period, billed by gigajoules.

Transport Fee

The cost of delivering the gas to the co-op member (consumer). The transport fee is billed per gigajoule consumed.

Infrastructure Reserve Fund

These monies are dedicated to the replacement of, and upgrades to, our aging system. This is to ensure a reliable supply of gas to our member/owners.

Federal Fuel Charge

A tax paid directly to the Federal Government. For more information please visit www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/excise-taxes-duties-levies/fuel-charge

Operation Charge

This is a monthly flat rate charged to operate and maintain the co-op’s distribution system. This includes gas line locates, responding to emergencies, administrative costs and various other services.

Other Charges & Terms


Please refer to the Rates and Charges page for the charges assessed for the following:

  • NSF Charges
  • Lock off notification
  • Reconnect
  • Billing arrears


  • Interest on overdue accounts is 2% / month.
  • Payments that are received after the due date are not shown on the next bill.
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