Rates and Penalties

* The Operating Charge is to defer some operating costs, and does not include calls for service or repair. These items are billed separately.
** Urban and Rural Service Installation Price includes installation, GST, and $1.00 Co-op Membership fee.
Co-op Distribution Cost$1.62 Per Gigajoule
Co-op Operating Charge$29.00 Per Month *
Urban Service Installation **$ 5,251.00
Rural Service Installation **$ 6,616.00
New Service (Infill) Construction Financing6%

Secondary Service

Secondary service is the addition of natural gas service to outbuildings serviced by the primary meter.

There is no fixed price for this service.

Contact the office to obtain a free quote.

3. Rocky Gas Co-op will charge a One Hundred and Seventy Five ($175.00) reconnect fee for consumers who have been terminated for non- payment of accounts.
4. If the bill is not paid by 2:00 pm and the customer requests the gas supply to be reconnected that day, they will be charged an additional One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150.00) for after hour's service.
6. If payment is not made before the required date a sealed Door Knocker will be delivered to the property stating termination date, account balance, reconnect fee and a security deposit required if service is terminated. A charge of $40.00 will be added to the next bill for delivery of this notice.
*** Customer is responsible for paying gas bill each month by the due date. Penalty is due on any unpaid balance after the 1st of the month.
NSF Charge$ 35.00
Lock Off Notification$ 40.00 (See below #6)
Reconnect$ 175.00 (See below #3 &#4)
Billing Arrears2% Per Month ***


Tampering with a utility meter is dangerous and illegal. Tampering will result in a penalty fee and possible criminal charges pressed.


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