Natural Gas to Propane Comparison

Chart comparing cost of natural gas to propane

Significant Savings

Natural Gas costs include ALL charges including monthly operating, transportation and infastructure charges.

The propane rate for this comparision is based actual 2016 costs (same period as the natural gas costs) from a local propane distributor. This results in annual savings of $997.

Calculated 15 average users during 2016 to arrive at usage of 183.44 GJ's per year.

Average cost of propane for 2016 was .285 per litre. At this rate the savings from switching to natural gas from propane would pay for your instalation in 6.5 years with annual savings of $925.

Other Factors to Consider

Rental price of a 500 gallon propane tank: $120/year

Rental price of a 1000 gallon tank: $180/year

Purchase price of a 500 gallon tank: $1450

Purchase price of a 1000 gallon tank: $2450

There is a market for used propane tanks with the price dependent on condition


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