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In the 1960’s, the idea of the gas co-op was born to supply gas to rural Alberta.

Rural Albertans, with the aid and support of the Alberta Government, formed franchise areas for companies to be operated as a co-operative form of business organization. The business plan is a simple one: the business is owned by its members and operated as a “not for profit” organization.

Rocky Gas Co-op Ltd. was formed in 1972. Read more about our history.

There are presently 63 gas co-ops in Alberta serving over 165,000 customers with over 100,000 km of pipe serving an area 1600km long and 500km wide. This group of Alberta co-ops operating collectively under the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-Ops Ltd. is the largest rural gas co-op in the world. In-the-world!

The co-ops have joined together to purchase gas from suppliers through Alberta Gas Inc., a company owned by the Federation member co-ops. This gives the co-ops tremendous buying power and supplies over 25,000,000 Gigajoules of Gas annually.

The Rural Utilities Branch (part of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board) is responsible for the safe and orderly development of natural gas systems, and administers a grant program that helps offset the high cost of providing gas installation to rural customers.

Based in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Rocky Gas Co-op Ltd. is a member of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd.


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